Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Auckland WeTest meetup, Mobile testing

Today I was attending my favorite event for testers, WeTest Auckland - a meetup, hosted by Assurity, where testers and people interested in testing share their experience and discuss challenges that arise in testing. That was my third time, and I'm definitely coming again, because each time I go there I have so much fun, and I also get inspired, and learn stuff, and meet cool people who I would've never met otherwise... gosh, it sounds like I'm doing an advertisement because I was told to... but that's totally not the case, I'm genuinely enthusiastic about this thing. I love the atmosphere and the facilitated discussion format. I am quite a shy person actually, but on these meetups I feel comfortable talking about testing. More comfortable in fact than in my own company, where most of the time I don't feel that people understand what I'm trying to communicate, so I get nervous, and my English gets awful, and I end up just feeling stupid. Which probably happens because in my company we talk about products a lot (and they are crazy complicated as a whole ecosystem, and I don't really know them that well as of yet), whereas on meetups we talk about testing in general... aaaanyway, back to the meetup.

First ever WeTest was about automation, second one was about exploratory testing (with me presenting actually, which was a special brand of fun because of how enthusiastic and accepting the audience was), and today we talked about mobile testing. Morris Nye did an awesome job on presenting his experience report on mobile testing and automation in that area, and as always there were people asking questions and sharing their experience. Even though I spent most of the last 4 years doing mobile testing, I learned few things today. Mostly just the names of the tools (or rather the fact that they exist and the ways they behave), but still. And of course it was awesome to meet new people (which I'm usually terrified of) and hang out with those I knew already. Can't express how much I value this opportunity. Way to go, Assurity!

Hopefully from now on the WeTest Auckland meetup will become a monthly event (as opposed to bimonthly before now). :-)

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