Friday, 7 February 2014

Another attempt to keep a proper professional blog

And by "proper" I mean the one that is being regularly updated. Surely I tried this couple of times before, and failed miserably, but who knows... I'm different, my surroundings are different. I care less about impressing others and more about just talking my mind these days. So maybe this blog will survive.

I got this urge to start writing a tester's blog again when my article got edited to the state of being unrecognizable recently. Though I understand why the journal might want to have a certain format and to have similar language throughout all of its articles, it was still frustrating. Thing is I like to write, but I'm far from being good at it. Still, I have a recognisable voice and a distinct mindset which shows in everything I write. When it's being sterilized for the sake of improving overall quallity of publication, I (ironically) get frustrated. So I decided to just publish the very first version of the article I send to the Trapeza (new journal for testers in Australia and New Zealand) after they publish their first issue with the final after-lot-of-editing version of the same article. Thanks to the Katrina's (Trapeza's editor) patience, final version is okay by me, but I still like the original one better. So I'll publish it here after February 15.

Over the years I spent in IT I've been doing lots of different stuff. I manually tested all sorts of "general purpose" (meaning no military/scientific/etc.) applications, did some automation and automation frameworks, did a lot of test design, been a test lead for "testing as a service" team, even spent some time as a product manager. I worked in Gehtsoft and in Yandex, and now I'm a performance engineer in Orion. Most of the details on my job are protected by NDA agreements, which I respect, but there is still stuff that I want to talk about sometimes, and which is NDA-free. And I'm still learning so much all the time...

Despite all the time in the industry, I'm just a tester, you know? No one fancy. I don't like fancy, I don't like scripts and having to conform to some standards of behaviour. This is what you're supposed to behave like, this is how you're supposed to write, these are people you should be in awe with... I hate this shit. I'm a tester, and I'm a geek (and yes, blog name is a reference and a reverance), and I'm a lass who's been in IT for a long time - that's about it. To hell with standards!

I'm also not a native English speaker, so if anyone is reading this, bear with me.

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